Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 9....don't you hate the definition of discipline?

For over a year I sat and wrote for anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours almost every day.  If you've read my books you'll see in the second one I offer up an almost daily diatribe of what I did, and quite often, didn't but should have done!  I have to think that I did what I did because there was a clear and precise goal for me - write a book (it ended up being 2 books in one) in a year.  More importantly write a book that is going to help people lead the fit and healthy life their higher power (fill in your own definition here - God, Buddha etc.) planned for them.  Et voila! it's a little different.  I don't have that clear and concise goal.  Now it's vague and ambiguous.  In fact I feel like almost everyone who joins a gym!!  Over the years I've probably conducted more than 5000 initial meetings of new members to a health club, gym, spa etc.  And I bet 4900 of them said "I joined because I want to lose weight and tone up."  Trust me when I say you, whomever you are, will always always always want to lose weight and tone up.  It's a never ending quest.  Like Sisyphus.

So what am I to do?  Well I obviously have to have some clear and concise goals or this writing thing is going to get the better of me and I'm going to find every excuse known to mankind not to do it.  And I'm going to have to keep the definition of discipline squarely in my vision.  Definition, in my world, is "doing what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it."  Which is pretty much exactly how I feel right now.  Its Friday morning and I was up at 5 to get ready to train a client at 6.  I just got back home and will be heading back to the gym for 4 hours in about 10 minutes.  When I get back instead of it being a typical day of lunch, look after my 1 year old, write, do research, market my business, it will be a litany of 'honey-do's' with the family.  Quinlan is out of school for the day and we plan on painting the porch, planting the vegetable and herb garden, the sunflowers, the wildflowers and something else that slips my memory.  In between all of these we promised Quin we'd head to the beach to play for an hour or so.....yikes!

So, I have just done what I didn't want to do when I didn't want to do it...and feel great about my accomplishment. 

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