Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 2...okay I lied - day 3

It's late on day 2 and I'm switching from one tab to another on my laptop as I sit at the kitchen table my eyes at half mast.  To use the great English vernacular I'm 'knackered' 

And it's now day 3 so I suppose I'm already behind where I'd like to be...but then it means I'm following on where I left off on the book!

And said book is now officially available for purchase!!!  Lisa bought one last night and we're still trying to figure out how the heck we can get it uploaded to her Kindle Fire.  Don't you love it when the company you buy it from says "a few simple steps and you'll have your book (or whatever it is they sell) and about 2 hours later you're ready to shoot yourself in the head to put you out of your own misery!

Another tab that I was switching to and from was PayPal.  Which, fingers crossed, is now up and running and I'm going to be able to accept payments - maybe from you!!

Yet another tab that I was switching to and from was Smashwords - that's the company I used to upload my ebook - that may be the way you got to this blog....wouldn't that be a result!

And it's time for me to wrap up this mini missive because I have to head to the gym to workout and then train a couple of clients.  I'm also daddy day care so I have to get Liam ready to head in with me.  If you've ever had a one year old you'll know we're talking a minor adventure...

To be continued...

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