Friday, June 22, 2012

Almost time to get my racing shoes on...

It's the day before race day....and perhaps the last race I'll do for Team in Training, the group that saved my life.  An odd but completely true belief I have.  I'm pretty sure my suicidal tendencies would have got the better of me if I had kept going down the path I was going down.  I think you can only think it's your birthday every day for so many years before something stops functioning!

So tomorrow I'll be competing in the 11 lake Oconee Olympic distance triathlon.  And it's going to be an emotional day for a lot of people.  This is the first time I'll have raised money and competed in a race for someone I know.  Lisa's step dad Joe will soon be undergoing chemo treatment for his pre-leukemia condition - I forget the acronym.  And he's going to be there to watch it.  As well as a whole host of other people.

So I think it's fitting that this be my last event so I can start my very own training program for a group called Pattison's Pacers.  This group raises money for handicapped kids.  Actually we raise money to purchase wheelchairs so we can push handicapped kids outside so they can feel what we're feeling.  The best example of this would be Dick and Ricky Hoyt. 

So, on that note, farewell TNT.  Thank you for all the miles....

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