Thursday, May 3, 2012

I hate being hypocritical...

It's so strange that I've got such a problem with people being hypocritical when it comes to how the lead their life when I'm exactly the same!  Here I am writing after a hiatus of almost 2 weeks!  What would I say to one of my clients if I was one?  "A good cowboy always remounts!"  And that is the truth.  I know I should have been writing here instead of where I was - not a lot to be honest!  The important thing to take into consideration is that I've got back to the keyboard and I'm typing away.

I'm not going to dwell too long though because son number 2 is refusing to nap so I need to attend to him.  And I have to get a bunch of things completed before this evening when Quinlan is running his first ever organized race...a 100 feet dash!!  We've been practicing at the gym and I think he's up for it..

Okay, time to be a good daddy....

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